Dubai, UAE

In an increasingly constructed environment it becomes essential to provide spaces for respite from both natural and manmade conditions.  Situated within a planned office development for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, this intervention creates shelter from the harsh heat of the sun while introducing natural elements that remain permeable to the passage of both people and air.

A loose arrangement of trees creates a small grove within the formal geometry of the surrounding containers.  Providing shade not just to people within but also to the adjacent structures, the trees form a high cloud-like canopy that permits uninterrupted movement through the space.

Grouped into small gatherings like the people who inhabit them, simple wooden swings are suspended from thin steel arches that disappear into the foliage above. The swings provide resting spaces to individuals seeking a quiet moment, groups looking to share a meal or children hoping for any opportunity to run and play.  The gentle movement offered by this simple mechanism is a modest gesture that appeals to people of all ages.

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