Topologic Bowls
Rosewood, teak or mahogany

A collection of shallow vessels, these geometric solids all share the same topologic properties starting with a cylindrical volume. The hollow of the bowl is formed by removing a portion of a sphere while the outer surface is faceted from its upper circumference to meet a perfectly inscribed square or triangle at the bottom. Form and function are then derived from variation in material and the three basic parameters; diameter, height and base shape.

Carefully crafted out of seasoned timber, each piece’s unique character is slowly exposed as the material is formed and the surface is meticulously polished. In some of the bowls, small cracks, splits, knots, holes or other perceived imperfections are revealed through this process. In places where these faults are experientially or technically unacceptable, geometric inclusions of a different wood are inlaid to rectify the defect or splice together a split or joint. These inclusions, unique to each bowl, are seen as an expression of the material and age old techniques of working with its physical qualities.

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